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Advanced Navigation System: The 7-inch, 1000-nit Rugged Tablet, designed by the O2Riders technical team. The ultimate companion for your motorcycle adventures. With proven resilience in extreme conditions for over 2 years, this device stands out for its versatile power input (7-24 V), ultra-bright 1000-nit display, high-capacity battery, and external GPS antenna for optimal reception. With high-performance specifications and compatibility with the Google APP STORE, this tablet is the undisputed choice for adventure motorcycle enthusiasts. Discover the exceptional durability and functionality offered by our Rugged Tablet!

Tablet rugged Android ANS o2riders

The ANS VT7PRO has been designed with unparalleled durability, subjected to extensive testing spanning over 2 years in extreme conditions. Its robust design, backed by the MIL-STD-810G military standard, ensures that this device not only survives but exceeds expectations in adverse environments. Trusting in the durability of the ANS VT7PRO ensures a rugged and reliable companion on every adventure.

The connectivity of the ANS VT7PRO leaves no room for doubt. Equipped with an external GPS antenna, this device ensures a solid and reliable connection in any environment. Whether you're on a remote mountain trek or in a bustling city, the uncompromising connectivity of the ANS VT7PRO keeps you always on course and in contact.

The peculiarity of the VT7PRO lies in its extraordinarily bright 1000-nit display. This unique feature redefines visual clarity in any environment. Under the brightest sunlight or in low-light situations, the unmatched brightness of the device ensures that you can navigate your route with ease, without missing any details even in the most challenging lighting conditions.

The versatility of the ANS VT7PRO provides an efficient solution for motorcycle enthusiasts. Its power capacity, adaptable to voltages ranging from 7 to 24 V, makes it the ideal companion for any motorcycle model. Regardless of the terrain or conditions, the versatility of the ANS VT7PRO ensures that it adapts to your riding style, delivering consistent and efficient performance.

Beyond its resilience and performance, the ANS VT7PRO stands out for its adaptability. Compatible with a variety of applications from the Google APP STORE, this device transforms according to your needs. It supports GPX apps like OsmAnd, Orux, Gaia, Google Maps, Wikiloc, or electronic roadbooks like RallyNavigator, PisteRoadbook Reader, TerraPirata, among other options.

With an 8-core processor and a 5000 mAh battery, the ANS VT7PRO is not only robust but also incredibly powerful. This hardware combination ensures that the device not only withstands but also drives your adventures. Whether running demanding applications or keeping you connected during extended journeys, the power of the ANS VT7PRO is the engine that propels your motorcycle experiences.


Designed for fearless adventurers seeking maximum resilience and functionality in any environment. With military certification and advanced features, this tablet is the ultimate choice for those who push the limits.

Bluetooh remote controllers


4 pulsadores, 5 funciones, apenas 18 mm de ancho

The first controller of the new generation: O2RC 4.0, 3 buttons, and 1 lever in only 18 mm width, all integrated into the same controller. No additional box, no power supply needed; it can be connected directly to a 12V battery or USB port without the need for any additional accessories. 3 operating modes: roadbook/media controller, GPX PAD, recovery, all selectable directly from the controller without the need for any third-party apps. Compatible with Android and iOS, connects to the device via Bluetooth. For more information, press the button below.

O2RC 4.0 new


4 pulsadores, 5 funciones, apenas 18 mm de ancho

It is part of the new generation of controllers by O2Riders, an all-in-one with all functions available in a single controller, and without the need to switch between modes. It includes control functions for digital roadbook and a joystick for GPX navigation program use. It is expressly designed to fit perfectly with trails such as the Husqvarna 701, KTM 690, and GasGas 700.

New streamlined electronics, accepts power via USB or 12V without the need for any additional power supply; new software version, completely stable.

Kombo o2RC slim

3.0 NT

4 pulsadores, 5 funciones, apenas 18 mm de ancho

It is the latest evolution of the o2rc PRO, the thinnest and slimmest available: just 18 mm; perfect for use where saving space is crucial. It is the best option for motorcycles or quads with limited space on the handlebars, such as MAXITRAILS and TRAILS.

The two upper buttons are used to adjust the tripmaster; the RESET function is activated by pressing them simultaneously. The two lower buttons are for navigating the electronic roadbook waypoints.



Centralita Bluetooth

Among the many options, you can choose only the O2RCBOARD electronic control unit, a complete system that allows you to use the same professional controls with the electronic roadbook.

The control unit comes with 2 watertight connectors perfectly compatible with the ICO – Racing, F2R, or GZParts system. The new control unit does not require any transformer; it can be connected to 5 or 12 volts interchangeably.


Power Supplies

All O2RC controllers require a power source. From the beginning, we have ruled out the possibility of powering them with a battery to avoid any kind of problem since batteries tend to run out when you need them the most.

The new generation of controllers accepts any type of power supply between 5 and 24 volts, without the need for an auxiliary power supply, and they come with two cables: one direct USB and one cable for 12V.

If needed, we also offer a small battery compatible with all our controllers.


Las opciones de montajes son muchisimas y permiten de poner el bloque de pulsadores en muchas posiciones

El o2RC se puede poner en posicion clasica a lado del puño izquierdo u optar por el montaje cerca de la abrazadera del retrovisor.
Entre las otras opciones, hay tambien la posibilidad de elejir una abrazadera compatible con algunos modelos de mandos de Luz y intermitentes, de manera de poder solucionar facilmente y rapidamente la falta de espacio.
La tecnologia de construcion nos permite de ralizar sistemas a medidas, con una maxima personalizacion.


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