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o2RC the future is now!

o2Rc digital
remote control rally

O2RC - the o2riders bluetooth system that allows you to transform your mobile (or tablet) into a professional navigation system: you can read the roadbook directly from the screen of your device, adjust the tripmaster and go from vignette to vignette without taking your hands off the handlebars, just like a professional team.

Designed so that everything is in place, and that it is extremely easy to find the buttons.

A highly developed electronics to make the system incredibly stable and compatible with Android and Ios

Designed with a multitude of options, so that it can be adapted to any type of need

Tested in all conditions, to obtain an incredibly reliable and functional electronics.

Developed and manufactured in technologically advanced materials; IP67 buttons, carbon loaded Nylon housing

Compatible with a few power sources: 12 volts or USB

info Generales

The O2RC remote control consists of a switch block that is fixed to the handlebar and the O2RCboad, the electronic control unit, the heart of the system; it needs its own power supply.
Being fully modular, there are many options available both as a pushbutton block and as a power supply or fixing system.



3 pulsadores - 1 panaquita

It is the thinnest version of the available, perfect for use where it is necessary to save as much space as possible, is the best option for those bikes or quads that do not have much room on the handlebars, such as MAXITRAILS and TRAILS.
The 2 buttons are used to adjust the tripmaster, the third button as RESET and the lever to move the bullets of the electronic roadbook.

o2Rc Remote controller Bluetooth


5 pulsadores

It is the fattest and most robust version, perfect for rally and enduro bikes; the type of design allows you to keep the buttons well protected in case of hitting or falling; on the contrary, it needs more space on the handlebars, being wider than the slim.
2 buttons are used for the tripmaster, 2 for bulleting and the third button is used as a Reset of the tripmaster.



Centralita Bluetooth

Among the many options, you can choose only the O2RCBOARD electronic control unit, a complete system that allows you to use the same professional controls with the electronic roadbook.
The unit comes with 2 waterproof connectors perfectly compatible with the ICO-Racing, F2R or GZParts system.
It is also possible to choose a 12V module with the same plug as the ICO power supply, no other installation will be necessary, simply remove the analog system, put in the digital one and change the connectors.
The system is simple and plug and play!


Fuentes de alimentacion

The O2RC needs a power supply for the system to work, by default it needs a 12V power supply (accepts 10-18 V 1 A).
It is possible to choose the version with USB power cable or the version USB+external 12V power supply.

12 Volts

Cable por defecto

Default cable

The default o2Rc control unit is compatible with a 12V power supply. It is supplied with a two-pole cable which can be connected directly to the vehicle’s electrical system.
It is the best option if you want to install the system stably, it admits an input of 10-18 V max 1A, and integrates a voltage regulator.
The default version is not compatible with the USB cable.



Opcion USB – es compatible con un sistema de alimentacion USB, incluye un cable usb compatible con el contector ip65 de la o2RCboard.
Este cable pude ser conectado a una puerta de alimentacion USB o a un comun powerbank.
Una configuracion muy sencilla es utilizar una bolsa de manillar donde poner el power bank y conectar directamente el cable USB del o2Rc.

USB+12V power supplier


This is the most complete option, it allows to power the o2rc with a USB cable (included) or with the 12V of the vehicle.
One possible configuration is to connect the output wires of the regulator module to a circuit breaker, then to a fuse, and finally to the battery.
Another possible option is to connect the same wires to a 12V output that can be powered only when the bike is running, so as not to have problems of power consumption when the bike is stopped.

12 volts power supply


Las opciones de montajes son muchisimas y permiten de poner el bloque de pulsadores en muchas posiciones

The o2RC can be placed in the classic position next to the left handgrip or mounted near the mirror bracket.
Among the other options, there is also the possibility of choosing a bracket compatible with some models of light controls and indicators, in order to easily and quickly solve the lack of space.
The technology of construction allows us to realize systems to measure, with a maximum customization.


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